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tv   ABC7 News on KOFY 1130PM  KOFY  August 1, 2014 11:30pm-12:01am PDT

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i can't even talk right now. >> people started screaming and stuff. >> two separate accidents involving muni. at least 40 people are injured and dozens are sent to the hospital. good evening. i'm ama dates. >> and i'm dan ashley. the accidents happened within minutes of each other. the first was near japan town and the second on third street in the bay view. >> abc7 news sergio quintana joins us from the hospital with the latest. sergio? >> ama so far the passengers that were rushed here to general hospital have since been released. as you mentioned these crashes happened around 1:30 within about 10 minutes of each other. 40 people injured.
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20 at one scene and 20 at the other. a lot had to be sent to the hospital, 23 in total. a passenger aboard the usually busy route described the chaos when it careened into a tractor-trailer truck while trying to avoid a dump truck. >> we felt the jerk on the bus and it caught us off guard. then people started screaming. >> he didn't want to be identified, but he says some riders were thrown on the floor. eight people were treated on the scene and another 12 rushed to the local hospital. and hen minutes later another muni crash in the bay view. >> we felt a really big break and then saw the glass shatter on the side. >> the muni was crowded. we heard a loud noise and then an impact. it rocked like an earthquake. >> it was making a left turn and this sign shows it was not
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allowed. 20 people were hurt and 11 needed to be rushed to the local hospitals. nine others were treated and tagged after a field exam and released. >> i am not hurting that bad. it was a bad shock. i am shook-up. i can't even talk right now. >> one passenger says he decided to have a friend drive him to general hospital because the scene was so hectic. >> people were going crazy on the t train. i am hurt. i just sat down. >> police are investigating both crashes. >> another bus problem in the south bay. sara sent us this photo of a bus caught on fire on highway 101 in south san jose. it broke out in the rear of the bus and you can see from sky 7hd that it scorched nearby grass. it was being driven to the busyard so there were no
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passengers there at the time. the driver wasn't hurt. right now in sonoma officers have a home surrounded with a stabbing victim inside. they responded to mission drive and they say a man attacked his father with a knife. the first responders were able to remove the father. he is in serious condition. the son went in the home and refused to come out. nearby houses have been evacuated and the street has been locked down as a precaution. a smelly and potentially hazardous situation in san mateo park. there is raw sewage in the creek and people are asked to stay away. the city conducted tests. abc7 news reporter alyssa herrington is live. >> as you can imagine cleaning up this up is a dirty job. they spent the entire day pumping sewage out of creek. the problem had been going on for a few days and they don't
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think the city acted fast enough. the first thing you will notice walking through the park is the smell. >> it smells like old aquarium water. >> i made an assumption that it was a dead animal, a dead deer or something. >> we went a few hundred yards and the smell was so bad we had to turn around. the. >> the deputy director said they first got calls about the unpleasant odor on wednesday. they tested the water, but they found nothing. today they went back. >> the crews confirm there was sewage surfacing there. >> was the first test done wrong? >> the testing we do is test for ammonia. but it is often hard to detect raw sewage. it is primarily made up of water. >> he says there may not have been enough sewage in the creek to be detected initially. some people i talked to are not convinced. >> it smelled terrible for the
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last month or so. what if they did not wash their hands. >> they were posting signs like this one all over the park warning people to stay away from the water. it is located three quarters of a mile away. to which it drifted downstream. crews spent the afternoon working to contain the leak and divert the sewage back to its proper system and if all goes according to plan the warning should be lifted early next week. in san mateo, alyssa harrington, abc7 news. richmond police chased down a man wantedded on a -- warranted on a washt. on a washt. they show several cars surrounded him in berkeley. he got out and tried to run and after a few feet he surrendered. three women were also arrested. he was handed over to san francisco police where he is wanted for murder.
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san jose police are working to track down a man who robbed a gas station with an assault rifle. this is surveillance video showing a man pulling a rifle from his clothing and demanded cash and then forced the clerks on to the ground. police say the man is extremely dangerous and you should call 9-1-1 immediately if you recognize him. an oakland woman has been sentenced to 120 days in jail for leaving her 2 and 3-year-old daughters in a hot car while gambling in a livermore casino. 37-year-old winette pled guilty to two misdemeanor counts of cruelty to a child. surveillance video from july 20th shows her gambling for half an hour at casino 580 before spotting an officer holding one of her children. her sentence includes three years probation and her children are now in protective custody. an iraq war veteran injured during an occupy protest is calling out police after an officer involved was reinstated this week. in 2011 scott olson was hit in
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the head with a lead-filled beanbag and it caused permanent brain damage. while a group of people hurried to help him robert roche threw a flashbang at them. roche was fired over the incident, but reinstated by an arbitrator. on youtube today he criticized roche and his history with opd which includes three fatal shootings. >> opd has brought a serial killer back to the force. they can shoot people and cost the city millions. >> roche's lawyer said an independent investigator determined roche was unaware olson was on the ground. he also said roche was cleared of all three fatal shootings. still to come on abc news at 11:00, -- >> i saw 10 coming out. they were coming out like a horror movie. >> a man and his dog run for
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their lives to escape a pack of wild animals. it happened in a place where you would least expect it to. >> and a day at the beach turns into a day of embarrassment. how one woman turned the tables on her fat shamers and it became a viral sensation. >> i'm abc7 news meteorologist sandhya patel. triple digit sizzle inland today, but we have relief from the heat. a look at the weekend forecast, but first, here is jimmy kimmle. >> here is a quick preview of what we are up to tonight. >> look at that. this is the perfect gift for baby jane. it is a rocking uncle jesse
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honor a young life taken too soon. more than 300 young musicians performed at the jennie lynn summer youth concert at the college of performing arts in hayward. cheryl jennings hosted the event in the 20th year to honor the girl murdered in her castro valley home in 1994. her parents created a foundation and a youth music program in her her -- in their daughter's name to keep her spirit alive. a growing problem from california's drought. more closen counters in saw -- saburbia in southern california. >> one man and his dog running scared in burbank, california
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and here is why. coyotes are on the hunt. >> as i was walking i saw four to five coyotes coming at me. i paused. after that i saw 10 coming out. they were coming out like a horror movie. >> coyote sightings are not uncommon, but close encounters like this are on the rise. one theory? the severe drought is sending wild animals into human habitats in search of food and water. >> they are exhibiting strange behavior, very strange behavior, predatory. >> wildlife and urban stroll always make awkward bedfellows. we saw a mountain lion in a santa monica office building and a bobcat that broke into a prison in washington state. now in malibu they are advising residents that animals are being seen in the middle of the day and are more aggressive and can be destructive. the advice, don't leave kids or cats outside unattended. >> if you had heard the screeching noise, i mean it was a -- it was some animal
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being completely taken apart and eaten. >> and even when he waived the shovel they wouldn't leave. abc news, los angeles. also in southern california, a big pot bust. two boats loaded with 12,000 pounds of marijuana was seized by the coast guard this week. you are looking at photos and video stashed from the coast guard. they were spotted on tuesday about 180 miles off the coast of san diego. the coast guard says the four suspects on board tried to take off, but they were quickly caught and arrested. >> levi stadium will host the first ever sporting event. the earthquakes will host the seattle sounders of major league soccer about 70,000 fans are expected. that means traffic could be a headache. in santa clara there are 34 message boards and thousands of employees helping to the ding sis nateed lots -- designated lots. they say they are ready for anything. >> we think we have everything
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covered, but until you have people in the building and coming down to the area you don't know for certain. one thing we know is what we have designed is highly flexible. >> you can check out an on-line tutorial showing the best ways to get in and out of the new stadium wee. have a link on two brothers accused of squating several years ago, maxim and dennis are living in a palm springs condo listed on air b and b. they refused to move out and threatened to sue the owner. they lived in the apartment in the tenderloin from 2008 to 2009. they stopped paying rent for more than three months and they werey vehicle --y -- they were evicted. a 33-year-old money got fat shaped while sun bathing on a canadian beach in a bikini and now her response has gone viral. it shows the belly
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stretchmarks and all. a few people were laughing and pointing and pretending to kick. she explained why her stomach is no longer tight and flat. my body has housed, grown, protected and nourished five hell he, intelligent and wonderful human beings. what great things has your body done? they plan to host bikini baby-sit ins. there was a brief worldwide outage. the menlo park company says they don't know why people had trouble ago setting the site, but it created problems for law enforcement. several people called into the care riff's department -- sheriff's department with this tweet. it is not a law enforcement issue. don't call us about it being down. we don't know when it will be back up. >> it is a social media emergency.
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it is the 14th annual art and soul festival. it got into full swing. look at this. this is a dress rehearsal for the vertical dance company. the official performance is at 3:00 p.m. the festival has more with funk and gospel and latin music. it runs through tomorrow and sunday. 14 years and it is a great time. >> and it looks like the weather will be good too. >> it should be great. not as warm as it has been. sandhya patel is here with the forecast. >> it is going to be great party weather for the festival. i will have the forecast in a moment. highs today made it into the triple triple triple digits in antioch, livermore, fairfield. it was definitely toasty. 87 in santa rosa and 65 in san francisco. 76 oakland and 82 san jose and 81 redwood city. here along the coastline where the fog hung around until the afternoon, 63 degrees. this is typical for this time of year. now let's look at live doppler e
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and the bay. we are seeing high level clouds streaming in. they are harmless. if you have early morning weekend plans the fog could be a bit on the thick side. right now visibility is down to just over a mile and a half. it is a shallow marine layer. the fog has crossed over to the bay and you can see there from our kgo roof camera. 57 in san francisco and in the 60s in oakland and san carlos and san jose. 55 in half moon bay. you can look for coit tower. it is a little hard to see as the fog has come into san francisco. 56 in santa rosa. 60 in napa and 67 in fairfield and 72 in livermore. and here is another view from our emeryville camera. you will continue to see the fog on the coastline well into tomorrow afternoon. inland is cooling and we are looking at minor ups and downs toward next week. here is a look at the pacific satellite picture. the hot air mass responsible for the triple digits will back off a bit. moving eastward the heat ease
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easy this weekend and that -- the heat eases and that means the temperatures will go down on saturday and more so on sunday for the inland spots. tomorrow morning most inland communities are in the low to mid60s and mainly clear. fog around the coast and bay. mid50s to the upper 50s. a few low 60s around fremont, palo alto, san jose. that's what you can expect in the morning. in the afternoon, short sleeve weather. 84 in san jose. 85 in cupertino and low 80s for redwood city, palo alto and mountain view. in downtown san francisco 66 degrees. the fog will hold your temperatures in the 60s. up 101 in ukiah and clear lake. east bay, 75 in oakland and 80 in castro valley. so a warm day. inland spots will get hot, but not as hot as today. 96 live more and fairfield. 90 in antioch. there is so much happening this weekend, one of the events, the oakland heart and
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soul festival. expecting sunshine and mild weather. low to mid70s at best in the afternoon. just make sure have you your sunscreen. if you are go go go -- going to the a's game 70 degree atz 1:05 and coming up to the mid70s. you will need the sunscreen for that. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, the temperatures will drop a few more degrees toward the second half of the weekend. then they recover. the typical minor rollercoaster as we head toward next week. >> nothing too dramatic. >> thank you, sandhya. a lot to talk about with the giants. >> i want to know if the trade was worth it. >> for those who did not like the trade, it may have been a bad idea.
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one game is admittedly a small sample size, but this was the concern over trading cespedes. one night after dealing their star slugger they get shutout by kansas city. not even ironman could save the a's against the royals. and he tried. sonny gray tried too. he went seven strong innings. a beautiful backhanded catch. gray made one mistake and here it comes and there it goes. ibanez drills it. it is the only run of the entire night. 1-0 royals. that was the final. a's are one game ahead of the an a gels in the west. jon lester arrived in town in the cespedes deal. he is ready to jump into the playoff race. >> have i to see a few of these guys pitch against us in
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the past and have done well. obviously their numbers speak for themselves and hopefully i can fill my spot and give these guys a chance to score some runs. >> giants fans enjoying themselves in new york. the giants and mets and vogel coping with his best outing of the year. this was his first complete 9-inning game. this is nice in the 7th. matthew duffy called up from double-a and this is his first hit and an r.b.i in his debut. dad was recording every moment. giants win it and are two and a halfback of the dodgers who loss. gruesome injury for team usa basketball. and serena was pushed to the limit ton
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war injures -- warriors thompson and curry scrimmaging in las vegas. derrick rose has missed the last two years with knee injuries and he looked fantastic. we did get to say klay thompson taking steps and backing them down and fading and fire. and damion lillard of the blazers beating the buzzer there. a three-quarter court. but here is the play that defined the game. it was tragic. george hustling back and watch him land awkwardly right there. it looked like his leg snapped. we won't show the replay because it is too gruesome. they decided scrimmage over right now. george likely looking at surgery and will probably miss next season. bank of the west quarterfinals and serena and ivanavich took the first set and serena pops it up and overhead slam.
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serena responding in the second with a forehand winner down the line. you can see how intense she was in this match. finishing it off in the third. serena advances to the semifinals, 2-6, 6-3, 7-5 and no clash there. >> that was so dramatic. >> that was so dramatic. >> safeway understands you got to make every dollar count these days. that's why they have lots of ways for you to save.


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